German Horse Center, horses available for sale

Donnamarchen,  Hanoverian  Mare,  category Eur 15,000, Located Berlin-Brandenburg

Don Primero / Weltmaerchen

This mare was born, raised and trained with the original breeder.


In 2010 the mare has been used in breeding. She has produced offspring with potential for international elite sport. Currently, she is further being promoted in dressage.  Donna has very nice gaits and a solid mind.

As a young mare Donna has successfully collected tournament experience, was introduced in riding horse classes and has passed her e mare performance test with excellence.

Donnamarchen is very solid, elastic and straightforward in her daily work. She is always willing to work and learns very quickly. An absolutely reliable horse.  Because the mare is an absolute reliable horse, it is almost for every rider, even one suitable with little experience.

Purchase Inspection
X-ray images can be provided upon request.

* This sport horse was in the category of “relying horses” classified,because – according to the party – particularly well-behaved and calm, is also in difficult situations. Please note that any horse under certain influences, can follow his instincts as a prey animal.

This listing is a courtesy of Equestrian Sporting Life

Equestrian Sporting Life is in no way an agent of the  sale of this horse and makes no representation as such.

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